July already?

Well I get my degree results tomorrow (not sure how I feel about that!)

The last month or so has flown by! Uni is done and dusted, I had my final assessment, had the degree show, moved out of the Beaumont Mansion and Plymouth forever (sad times), and then, we were exhibiting at D&AD New Blood in Brick Lane. Busy busy! So I do have alot of catching up to do.

Now I’m back home in Swansea and am halfway through the ‘Freelancers Academy’!! Which is a course where you learn about being self employed, running a business, the legal and finance issues etc. It sounds really boring, but it is actually proving to be quite interesting. I never thought I’d understand anything about tax/vat/national insurance and now I kind of do! And there’s a nice view.

(and this photo doesnt do it justice)


A Variety of Tits

Birds. Here are some drawings of the Bearded Tit and the Willow Tit. Enjoy. 

Phew. Here is a penguin-puffin-puffin-penguin book jacket design..

Someone really really great and cool helped me out with the type stuff. I def need to sort myself out and get better at InDesign.

Pelican Love

I did this for Valentines Day and then forgot about it. Better late than never!

Bird is the word

I’ve been drawing a lot of birds recently, for various projects. Here’s a selection of my favourites!


Magical, mystical birds.

These birds aren’t made up birds. But they look like they are. May have been a bit liberal with the bright colours.

Happy Valentines Day!