Monthly Archives: May 2010

Yet more editions.

So here are the last two sets of prints that I screen-printed for the editions project. We (Elephante- the collective I am in) are having an exhibition in FortyFive where they will be available to BUY! (dont know how much for yet) Anyway, the private view is tomorrow, where there will be free wine and maybe some nibbles, so come along!


Piglets and stuff.

Here are some more photos, taken at this farm (Folly Farm) where they dont just have farm animals but also other animals like Ostrich, Giraffes etc. Every time I visit the same pig called Matilda has a new set of piglets!

Some are from Newquay zoo, if you ever visit remember to pay for your parking. I got a parking ticket.

More editions

Some more screenprints with watercolours. My favourite is the bird, which is a Grey Partridge, not a chicken.

Some photos…..

I dont just illustrate.

Ha no, I dont know if I should really put photographs on here because its supposed to be for my illustrations, but I’ve decided I dont care. Also, I’m no profesh, but here is a selection of my fave snaps. Thanks Carlos for the camera. Lucky find that was.

H hid it

Here is a hippo. Called Horace. Or Henry. Maybe Horatio, Harold. Or maybe Harriet. I’m not quite sure yet.


This is what I’ve been doing recently in uni, some screen printing, but with watercolours so you get a really different effect than with a normal screen print. The posh name for them is ‘Variable Edition’ screen prints because each print is a bit different. And I’ve done 8 of each print.

I love screen printing and I love watercolours so it’s a match made in heaven for me! Going back to the print room tomorrow to do some more…..

In Plymouth there’s a lot of seagulls. And they’re all fat from eating too many McDonald’s.

And here is a quail. Just for shits and gigs. Never seen one in Plymouth though.