I’ve been back in the print rooms doing some more screen printing (but with watercolours)

And here she is, Gertrude.


Polar Bear

Here’s a few more images of the work I produced during the last module. Cute animals strike again!


Happy new year!

Happy christmas, merry new year and all that. Here are the final images from my last project. It’s a wordless picture book about a polar bear who gets lost in the middle of the ocean and his journey home. Planning to improve these a bit and then enter macmillan! Maybe.

Day 3 back in uni and already stressing about new project. Bodes well!

Hard to find…

Christmas Cards!

I sold a few of these at our Illustration Christmas stall in Drake Circus. Pictures of that to follow! xx


firsts and lasts


Bit early innit.

But I’ve been trying to make some nice xmas card designs. Problem is I keep drawing ridiculous cute animals instead. Like this……….

or this……..

I’ll keep trying.